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Grinding them
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Grinding them back
Creating a
Creating a new
sustainable eyewear
Laponia sunglasses
2500 SEK
Church Town sunglasses
2500 SEK
High Coast sunglasses
2500 SEK
Gathering old eyewear in our collection boxes
Every year, about three billion glasses are sold all over the world. The average lifetime for a pair of glasses is just a couple of years. As you get yourself a pair of new ones, the old ones usually end up in a drawer or - in the best case - they are sent to a third world country. Which is great, but unfortunately not too common. In most cases however, they end up in the trash and eventually in a landfill. It has been a huge challenge for those who actually want to recycle their eyewear, as there are no recycling stations for eyewear. Until now. In collaboration with a number of industry partners and organizations EOE has set up stations to collect old glasses and give them a new life.
Grinding the plastic parts to fine pieces
In the north of Sweden, thousands of collected glasses are dismantled and sorted into different color and quality schemes every month. Thereafter the recycling process – the regrinding – begins. The frames are shattered into small pieces and the metallic parts are filtered out. About 98% of the material is being recycled. The result from the regrinding is millions of small, irregular pieces of acetate - the new raw material.
New sustainable eyewear with a unique history
The millions of acetate pieces that comes out of the regrinding recycling process are put together into new bricks, by high pressure and heat. When the bricks are finished, the process looks the same as for making a pair of regular glasses. The new frames are cut out from the bricks and then put together with metallic pieces made of Swedish recycled steel. A pair of ”new” glasses with a unique history has come to life.
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